South London & Surrey
Trail Riders Fellowship

Promoting safe and legal trail riding in Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire

Enjoy the ride

We are an active and friendly group with over 450 members. Our members regularly organise rides and events. We also undertake work to protect green roads and our rights to use them, including through engagement with local authorities.

Working Together

A critical part of what we do is to build relationships with other user groups such as ramblers and horse riders as well as local communities.

We offer support to local councils, working with them to develop inclusive access as well as helping them repair and maintain lanes. If you are a local council and or user group and would like to discuss working with us, please contact [email protected]

Code of Conduct

  1. Only use roads that the public are entitled to ride motorcycles on.
  2. Keep to the defined area of the green road.
  3. Give plenty of space to walkers, horses and cyclists.
  4. Travel at a speed which is safe and sustainable for the road surface.
  5. Ride quietly and unobtrusively.
  6. Honour the Countryside Code.
  7. Endeavour to be a good ambassador for motorcycling.

Where do we ride?

We ride on green roads – roads that are classified as Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATs) or Unclassified Country Roads (UCRs). There are approximately 75 miles of green roads in Surrey.

Surrey County Council has a Rights of Way map which provides details of all rights of way in the County.

The TRF Green Road Map provides information about green roads across the UK.

For anyone interested in off-road riding we have additionally compiled a list of off-road riding locations which you can download as a PDF.

Sounds fun?

Join us


The Trail Riders Fellowship is a national organisation with groups all over the UK with members around the country able to share their local trails with you.

When joining you will be asked to nominate your preferred local group as well as any other groups you are interested in locally and further afield.

South London & Surrey TRF

Monthly meetings are usually held at the Royal British Legion, Rose Lane, Ripley (just off the A3) at 8pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

We’re out and about most weekends and organise group rides on the first Saturday of each month.

Ready to take your first steps?

Taking your first steps to enjoying the amazing green roads can be daunting. Don’t worry help is at hand. Local members will always offer you friendly help and advice and the Trail Riders Fellowship has a dedicated section on their website to help with your questions.

What bike do I buy?

Where can I ride?

What gear will I need?

How do I plan routes?

How do I deal with other countryside users?

Once you’ve joined the TRF and selected South London & Surrey as your local group we recommend that you join our South London & Surrey Facebook Group.

The members’ Facebook Group will give you access to support and advice from fellow members, details of organised rides, club nights and newcomers meetings in the events section and advice on where to ride in the area.

You’ll be contacted by one of the officers with the new member information pack, you will also find a copy in the Files section of our Facebook Group.